5 HD Remakes I Want

HD remakes are absolutely everywhere nowadays, the games companies are cashing in on nostalgia and for the most part it’s good (exception of Mario’s 1,000,000th remake with Wii Functionality…). With Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders and Silent Hill getting remakes from the Konami camp, I thought I’d delve into five games from the past that I feel deserve hi-definition updates to bring them back into gamers lives.

5. Headhunter

This is the game that made my mind whir with ideas for HD remakes, and eventually this article. I recently hunted down and bought a copy of this game on the PS2, because having played it at my friend’s house in 2002 I never purchased it, but have very fond memories of being Jack Wade and driving around on my motorcycle whilst engaging in intense fire fights against those Jack had to hunt down.

When I popped the game into my PS2, I was excited to rejoin the world that Amuze had created, only to find out it wasn’t quite as good looking as I remembered. Maybe a trick of the mind, maybe it’s nostalgia making things look prettier than they actually were but it just didn’t feel the same as it did all those years ago.

Sadly, Amuze is no longer with us, having closed down in 2005 with their website finally closing down in 2008. But if Sega can grab hold of some rights to the game maybe a HD remake could be on the cards.

4. WWE No Mercy

This one is totally and utterly unfeasible due to the licenses involved, both with AKI and the wrestlers included. But dammit, I’d shit bricks if it ever did come to fruition. Back in the grand year of 1999, whilst the general population were fretting about the catastrophe of the Millenium Bug and the possible fall of all mankind and everything electronic, THQ and AKI were busy creating one of their finest wrestling games under the WWE (then WWF) banner.

So, in 2000 this game was unleashed upon the world and is widely regarded as the greatest wrestling game in history. The pacing of matches is great, the fact that matches are more balanced towards being able to stage comebacks at the most desperate of times and the wide array of well animated moves, is second to none.

Now, in saying that there are a few reasons why this isn’t going to ever happen. First off is that there is too many issues regarding likeness licensing rights, considering a majority of the wrestlers in this game are no longer working for the company (and yes, some have passed away too). Alongside that, posing another Viscera sized block in the road to a potential update is the fact that if updated, it’d be limited to the Wii (or Wii U, which is at least a year out).

3. Bloody Roar

This had to be the hardest choice of a game for this list. So many games swirling in my head, and this is one that sticks out the most. For those unaware, this game isn’t quite your usual beat ‘em up game. Two warriors, one stage and then you brawl as per usual, but at some point during your duel, you can morph into a bloodthirsty beast, and absolutely MAUL THE EVERLOVING CRAP OUT OF YOUR FOE.

Just imagine falling into the tiger pit of a zoo, and that tiger isn’t in the mood for lazing around so it leaps onto you and just tears you to shreds, leaving torn flesh and a fine bloody mist swirling around. That’s exactly how the duel ends, whether your opponent is human or beast.

Maybe that’s a little exaggerated for a PS1 game, because obviously that kinda technology of torn flesh isn’t really there, but you get what I mean. It’s brutal, it’s fantastically violent. Sure, a HD remake might draw the ire of people like Keith Vaz and the like, but dammit, I am a fan of this game and I want a HD remake.

2. Deus Ex

This is one of the finest games that I have ever played. Seamlessly blending first person shooter gameplay with a RPG skills system, Deus Ex took the world by (Ion) Storm in 2000 for the PC and 2002 for the Playstation 2. This might be cheating, but it’s my article and I don’t care (just call me Jimmy Crackcorn) but for the purposes of this fine article, I’m focusing on the Playstation2 version, because the fine folks at Off Topic Productions are in the midst of making their own HD mod for Deus Ex on the PC.

Whilst not as great as the PC version, Deus Ex on the PS2 is what kicked me into the series. The gameplay still holds up, and thankfully it’s not as load heavy as Half-Life on the PS2. If you haven’t experienced the wonders of Deus Ex, please for the love of Jeebus go to Amazon, and hunt down a copy. Any copy. I’ll even help you out, here’s the PC version and here’s the PS2 version. Don’t forget to come back, I’ll wait…

Okay, cool. Now that’s sorted, the reason that this game needs even more exposure, especially with the 3rd game coming out in a little less than a month now. Not even just that, but because it’s such a wonderful game, it needs to be given more exposure considering the 10 year anniversary was last year. If Halo gets a 10 year anniversary makeover, so does Deus Ex, dammit!

1. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

If there’s ever a game that didn’t get to the heights it deserved commercially, it’s this game. Released for the Gamecube in 2002, the game received universal acclaim from gamers who played it and reviewers alike and it’s no surprise. It’s a GREAT game. To put it into perspective, Metacritic has it rated 92 out of 100, based on 41 reviews. In Japan, it only sold 17,748 copies, by the end of 2006. That is gutting. Absolutely gutting, and quite frankly, it deserves a second chance at taking the world by storm.

It’s standout feature was the “sanity meter” which added an extra strategy to the game because it’s a double threat, where you had to keep your health and sanity meters in check, because one your mask of sanity slips, your health becomes affected. But as the sanity meter deplets, your characters actual mental state changes, like seeing monsters that aren’t actually there, hearing footsteps that belong to no-one and even to the extreme of seeing walls and ceilings bleeding.

This adds to the overall feel of the game, like no other game has really come close to by my recollection. I’d hope that the game gets a second chance in HD when the Wii U is released, because the game actually deserves it.

Please feel free to throw in your comments on this list in the comments below, and also even better throw in your own wants for HD remakes.

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