WWE Universe: Ideas For Next Year

It’s fair to say that the face of Smackdown Vs Raw has been changed forever with the debut of the WWE Universe mode, where the WWE Universe is your plaything. Nothing is ever perfect on its debut in a title that is updated yearly. Now, I love the mode but of course some others are a bit mixed on the mode. I’m going to throw out a few ideas to boost the mode into even more of a game changer.

Now, this isn’t a complete one eighty on what Is aid in my review. I’m just picking and choosing what I want to see added to the mode. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the mode or that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just things here and there that I want to see improved.

  • The Roster

The first thing that most people will notice within the first in game year is a lack of hierarchy on the roster. One week Rob Van Dam was in the main event taking on CM Punk earning a victory and the next, he was opening the show against a no name being beaten in what is undoubtedly an upset. Not quite an accurate representation of how the WWE works, but of course there is only so much you can do in a year, especially with a mode that can run so deep, like this one.

For a mode that wants to put the WWE Universe in your hands, it sure makes things a little over complicated when you want to shuffle up the brands a little. With the lack of a draft, I had to delve into the superstar editing menu to change up the brands. Except, everything is made a little more tedious because you have to edit each superstar individually and after you’re done, you’re faced with a mandatory save. For something that should be simple, it is a little too complicated.

Speaking of a draft, I’d love to see one implemented for the next instalment so things can be freshened up on a year by year basis. In addition to this, I would also love a record of wins, loss and title switches. It would be awesome to have the announcers acknowledge winning streaks, losing streaks, recent championship victories and how many times a superstar (especially a created superstar) has won a championship.


  • The Show

The first issue I have with the shows, are that there are waaaay too many gimmick matches on Raw, Superstars and Smackdown. Theres only a few gimmick matches here and there on TV, not two every week, that’s for sure!

Also, I’d love to get one more match on each of the main brand shows and pay-per-views. Plus I want to see a bit more rotation on the roster. I rarely see new faces on the undercard, I don’t know if that’s because of the shows lacking an extra match or because the universe is over-saturated with talent, but after a while I get tired of seeing the same people fighting each other week in and week out.

  • The Other

The rankings are a bit of a pain this year, in my Universe I want my tag team champions to remain in the tag team division. I don’t want them to pursue other championships, I want them to be the dominators of the tag team division! I don’t usually see active tag teams splitting up whilst they are teaming to grab a United States Championship here or an Intercontinental Championship there.

I also want to pick and choose who I want in the running for a championship. This isn’t limited to shuffling the rankings around a bit, but being able to create a number one contenders match at will without having to wait for the Universe to make it for me and then removing the contendership (or Money in the Bank) stipulation when I want to make a change.

As for Money in the Bank, it is simple enough to use. You win it, then you cash it in on any champion, but it’s always too easy. You always cash it in like Edge or CM Punk do. Whatever happened to an honourable way of cashing it in like Rob Van Dam did? Also, can we defend it too?

Going back to Tag teams, I’ve noticed that when teams break up, they’re removed as if they never existed. What would be better is an option in team management where you can define if the team is active or inactive. It can become a pain to recreate teams that have been split up in the game, after the Universe has decided their time has ended (especially if it’s one in-game week after you’ve created them).

The final thing isn’t personally one of my own, but after browsing the community message boards, lots of people are clamouring for the return of the main 7 championships (WWE, World Heavyweight, US, Intercontinental, Unified Tag Team, Divas and Women’s) in non-universe related competition. Maybe a separate save is in order to keep order between Exhibition and Universe.

This is just a few ideas to take the Universe from the mid card to the main event. THQ have laid the groundwork for something awesome, next year it’s gonna be greater.

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