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What I Do

About ViciousPrism

Matt Denton is a multimedia producer based in London. He works on gaming videos and podcasting. He uploads videos to Youtube under the name ViciousPrism

Audio Production

Having worked with industry professionals, Matt spends the bulk of his production time working on podcasts and live internet radio.

Video Production

Matt is currently intermittently making lets play videos on Youtube and in 2016 is looking to expand into live streaming and sketch videos.


ViciousPrism on Youtube

Check out my Youtube channel, where I post Full Play videos, gaming reviews, old Wrestling game reviews and much more!

Current Schedule

Mondays – Until Dawn
Wednesdays – Heavy Rain
Thursdays – Legend of Zelda – Link to the Past
Fridays – WWE 2K16

Press Start

Doubt fucks everything. Take a foundation, no matter how strong, sprinkle generously with doubt, and watch it crumble.

Phil Brooks, UFC Fighter/Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion


Channel Plans

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been promoting a constant presence on my otherwise neglected Youtube channel. I’ve finally gotten a decent schedule going, with videos releasing on 4 out of 7 days, with options for more. So, I’m going to outline the future series that I’m going to explore here.

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Post-Mortem: CM Punk in the UFC Let’s Play

In this series of articles, I look back at a few of my ‘Let’s Play’ productions that have fallen to the way side. In this opening article, I cover my EA UFC CM Punk Let’s Play.

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Give Smaller Games on IGC A Chance

Whatever happened to expanding your tastes? Not long ago, Sony announced the newest additions to the Instant Games Collection scheme. And people are already bitchin’.

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