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Five Things: WWE 2K MyCareer Mode

I’ve been meaning to write this article since closing off my first play through of MyCareer in WWE 2K15. The reason I held off, was simply because I wanted to make a second play and see if it would be any different. It wasn’t, so here is my thoughts on five things (because lists on come in 5s, 10s, ...[Read More]

Too Soon for Remasters?

This is a pet peeve of mine. Honestly, it's slowly grating at my nerves. Actually, with the frequency that they're being announced, it's not slow anymore.

Nintendo Direct @ E3 2014

It's not quite a press conference, it's more in line with the Direct presentations of the past few years. Wrapping up the E3 pressers is Grandpappy Nintendo. We all know that the Wii U has been underperforming, so we as gamers are looking to see something that grabs our attention and makes the Wii U...[Read More]

Sony Press Conference 2014

The last one of a packed night at E3. Or day if you're actually there, which if you are I'm jealous. As a new PS4 owner, my eyes are firmly set on this. Sony over the past few years haven't disappointed. At least in my eyes anyway. Let's get this underway!

Ubisoft Media Briefing 2014

Like EA, Ubisoft is a two time winner of something. Unlike EA, this award is actually positive. Ubisoft are the reigning, two time winners of "Matt Denton's E3 Showstealer award". Hello, Watch_Dogs and The Division!